Top 10 January Favorites – Travel Edition

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Every month on the blog, I will share with you my Top 10 Favorites! My list will range from products to movies and everything in between! It’s in no particular order and will definitely highlight some of my favorite brands and products! For my first favorites post, I will cover my current favorite go-to travel items!

It’s time for my first vacation of the year – yay! This is my first international trip and I am ecstatic! As I prepare for my trip, I noticed there are certain items I always take with me for entertainment, self care or just to have! You can never go wrong with go-to travel goodies! Let’s be honest… long flights can be daunting and flat-out boring, but with these items, my trip to the Philippines will be a success!

Here’s a list of my Top 10 Travel Favorites:

  1. Black, Leather Bookbag with Gold Studs: I am a sucker for a cute bag! It makes carrying all my items easy, but every bag doesn’t make the cut! My travel bag has to fit a certain criteria! It must have zippers, compartments, and be durable for indoor and outdoor use! I prefer it to be medium-sized, black, leather and have a cotton or silk interior. They are stylish, sleek and can be worn with any outfit.
  2. MacBook Pro: Whether I’m traveling for business or leisure, my laptop is not too far behind in a cute slipcover. You know the drill. It’s good for streaming movies, music and research! When I travel, I like to look up activities and sometimes my cell phone gets pretty annoying because of the small screen. Before boarding my flight, I make sure it is charged and ready to use.
  3. Fleece Throw BlanketI don’t know about you, but I like to travel with a piece of home with me to make me feel relaxed and comfort me on my trip. I’m always cold and sometimes my comfy, cute outfit doesn’t get the job done. My favorite throw is soft, thick and perfect for travel. It can fit in my carry-on bag or suitcase, but I prefer to have it accessible at all times.
  4. The A-List: R&BMusic is not only my favorite escape, but an essential part of traveling long distances. It’s relaxing and I have to have it. My go-to playlist has to include upbeat tempos and feel good music. I like R&B, Rap, Classical and Pop music, but I will listen to anything that sounds good. Sometimes I make my own playlist or select ready-made playlist on iTunes. My favorite iTunes playlist is The A-List: R&B and It’s Lit!
  5. Eccolo Notebook & Pentel Liquid Gel PenI love to write! My mind is always running a mile a minute, so I must write things down when they come to mind or I will forget. If you like to journal and you are traveling by plane like myself, this will definitely help pass the time and can be very soothing.
  6. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero: Finding time to read for leisure is pretty hard for me because there are other things I enjoy more and it’s not so high on my to-do list. I read to learn or for informational purposes on a daily basis. So during my time of travel, I find it pleasurable to kick back and read a good book. My go-to books have to be drama-filled, inspirational or suspenseful.
  7. “Face Shit” by Deep Routage: I’m a woman and being prepared for anything is very important. In my cute toiletry statement bag, I carry lip gloss, hand-sanitizer, lotion, baby wipes, tooth brush and paste, Kleenox, tampons, facial cleansing wipes, Advil, & Claritin. I carry these items in my purse, daily! It’s a must I travel with these gems to keep me fresh during travel.
  8. Fenty PUMA by Rihanna Fur Slides: The airport has strict regulations and the security check-point is a story for another day, but you have to follow the rules. Every time I travel by plane, I notice I have to get out of my shoes and a lot of walking is involved. Tennis shoes are a hassle to me personally because I can’t get them on and off quick enough. I love my slides; they are cute, fashionable and easy to remove. They are super comfy and I wear them often!
  9. Lays, Welch’s Fruit Snacks & Quaker Chewy Granola Bars: You will always find snacks in my bag during any trip! Whether we make a pit stop or meals are provided, I will still bring my own to munch on in between time. I am always hungry, so chips, fruit snacks, and granola bars are my all time favorite snacks to pack! They are inexpensive, nonparrishable and easy to store. You can easily share with family and friends without having to do the most!
  10. Conversation Starter Cards: Traveling long distances with friends, family or your companion can be exiting, but you can easily run out of things to talk about. To change it up and add a little excitement, I always bring along coversation cards to help the awkard silence or to further long the conversation. Sometimes I don’t like talking and want to do other things, but its fun and I certainly enjoy the responses. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about each other and sparks other interesting conversations!

Cheers to more travel in 2018!!! I’m sure as I travel more and go to different places this list will change and grow as I discover new products.

What is your favorite item or product you carry during travel? Let me know in the comments below! Go ahead and follow the blog so you won’t miss next month’s Top 10 Favs!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 January Favorites – Travel Edition

  1. My in airport travel must haves consist of;
    *Passport & Debit Card
    *Louis Vuitton Backpack
    *Beats Head Phones
    *Comfortable Sweats
    *Gucci Slides
    *Hand Sanitizer
    *Phone Charger & Portable Battery Pack
    *Cash To Exchange At The USA Airport ( much better Rates during International Travel)

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