The Recap of 2017

In the past, I would claim a new attitude, a new way of life and by the end of January I have thrown that whole idea away! I have dissapointed myself with goals that were not in line with my purpose. My so-called “plans” lacked action! I entertained and held on to unhealthy relationships, and even dragged old habits and negative vibes into the New Year. The Recap of 2017 will allow me to be appreciative of the good times, and reflect on the bad.

Instead of harping on all the bullshit that I encountered and waiting on the New Year to change, I checked myself and focused on what mattered the most. I made a commitment to make a change, immediately. With maturity, growth and countless prayers, I can now walk into every year with a clear head.

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On January 1, 2017, I started keeping record of all the good things that happened to me in my journal throughout the year. I wanted to change my perspective, reflect and highlight the good moments, and start my new year on a good note. No more telling the year before to kiss my ass, no more ranting on the negatives and no more new year, new me crap! In result, I am going to share a positive moment from each month in 2017.

My 2017 at A Glance

January 2017: Changed my hair color to blonde.

February 2017: Started a new job at Anthem, Inc.

March 2017: Started my weight loss journey.

April 2017: Visited South Beach – Miami, Florida for the first time.

May 2017: Went to Chris Brown’s The Party Tour Concert and cried my eyes out.

June 2017: Paid off my Student Loans.

July 2017: Started an internship with a celebrity publicist, interviewed a Grammy Award Winning Artist, wrote my first celebrity biography, and wrote a blog review for a high-end perfume.

August 2017: Received news that I did not have Breast Cancer.

September 2017: Turned 25, celebrated my birthday with my family in Dallas, Texas and dyed my hair raging red.

October 2017: Started my blog – Forever, Yannell.

November 2017: Went to 6lack’s Free 6lack Tour Concert ft. Sabrina Claudio.

December 2017: Moved in my own place.


Looking back, I had some great moments and I am grateful for these experiences. As you reflect, make your vision boards or your list of 2018 goals, think about the happiest moments of 2017.

This year, I challenge you to keep record of all the good things that will happen to you in 2018! I have included a worksheet called The Recap – Worksheet! Click the link for your copy! You can make a note about your grand moments each month! On January 1, 2019, you can read and share with your family and friends! It will take you down memory lane, give you good vibes and change your overall outlook each year! It’s fun, easy, a good way to keep record of key moments throughout the year and a great activity to do with friends.

If it wasn’t your best year, it’s okay! You have another 365 days to turn it around. Everyday is a new begginning and you should strive to be better than you were yesterday. Remember…


Happy New Year, everyone! Share The Recap of 2017 with us in the comments and don’t forget to print the worksheet above or make your own list. If you enjoyed The Recap of 2017, be sure to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE to see watch the year unfold!

Forever, Yannell

6 thoughts on “The Recap of 2017

  1. This is a GREAT idea to recap the year! I’ve failed miserably with vision boards but this idea is doable. I think I’m going to start identifying and celebrating monthly blessings to not only chronicle my growth but to reinforce humility.

    1. I did a Vision for the first time in years, this year! But looking back over my Facebook memories, I always harped on the negatives of each year and how it made me feel, so I wanted to change that! I needed positive energy coming into each year! This idea definitely helps you identify those monthly blessings!

  2. I really enjoyed how transparent you were with this post! I definitely feel like i shared a part of your 2017 experiences. 2018 is definitely going to be a HUGE year for you so get prepared!

    1. Thank you so much! I thought really hard on things i wanted to share, but i definitely wanted to be open with my audience!

      I truly cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store! I know you’ll share a part in 2018, too! ?

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