Switching Locations: Cebu, Philippines

“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” -Unknown

One goal I set every year is to travel more, and travel far! Switching Locations: Cebu, Philippines will give exclusive footage and insight of my trip! It will cover all my domestic and international travel experiences from how to get there to what to do while there! Want to know more about my trip to Cebu, Philippines? Keep reading!

Traveling to Cebu, Philippines

OMG! After a few cups of Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey with cranberry apple juice, a pit stop in Tokyo Japan, a few movies, my entire playlist, a moment to stretch in Manila, Philippines, and 33 hours of flying, I finally landed in Cebu, Philippines! We were welcomed by 85 degree weather, clear dusk skies and hundreds of taxi driver’s awaiting to take us to our resort.

As I leave the airport and ride through the congested streets of Cebu, I noticed liter, stray dogs and small shacks and businesses jumbled up along the sides of the road. I have to be honest, it is not the cleanest place, nor the most beautiful in the city!

Scooters, Buses, Taxis, Oh My!

From the airport to Moalboal, we took a 3-hour taxi ride to our resort. At this point – I was over flying, and damn near over sitting in a car! We stayed at Love’s Resort off the beach that had free breakfast, a spa, and deep sea diving courses! We were extremely close to the beach, bars and restuarants. There were also small stores, massaging booths, deep sea diving courses and island hopping packages in the area for tourist.

When traveling the Philippines, you can take Uber, a Taxi, AirCon (bus), barge, ferry or rent a scooter! The natives also own Trikes and Jipny’s to transport you to your destination. They are all inexpensive, but I highly advice that you avoid taxis because they will try to finesse tourist when it comes to the prices. Be sure to check the distance for all activities and see what the best option will be and pack light!

Activities in The Philippines

We had a jammed packed week of random fun and adventure! Here are a few things to do while in the Philippines:

  • Whale Shark Watching (Oslob): Swimming with Whale Sharks is most thrilling activity of them all – swimming with the world’s gentle giants! This experience was one of a kind and up close; i’ll never forget it! It’s best to go early in the morning because this attraction is very popular and the waiting list can be long! Before departing, you attend an informational session and equipped with a life jacket and snorkeling gear. It’s cost 1,000 pisos per person (which is about $20 USD) for the experience and the gear.
  • Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls (Cebu): Let me tell you now, canyoneering is quite the workout! I wasn’t expecting that on my vacation at all! With a professional guide, you will walk, jump, swim, climb, and abseil for about 4 hours! After doing this hard workout, I wanted to relax for the rest of the day. This active adventure will cost about 1,500 pisos ($29 USD) per person and includes your gear and transportation to the top of the mountain.

Beautiful Scenery Locations

  • Tumalog Falls (Oslob): This hidden gem is a must see! No need to boost this landmark, it is the most beautiful waterfall my eyes have ever seen! The water is the shade of Gatorade and it’s so refreshing! It is peaceful, clean and great for pictures! It cost 20 pisos for two people (which is about 40 cents USD).
  • BlueWater Sumilon (Bangcogon – Oslob): I must admit that this day tour to a private island off the island of Cebu is my favorite! The island tour included beautiful scenery, a lunch buffet and activities with free use of equipment! A boat transports you to and from the island. It’s serene and a great getaway for couples. There is a bar, massage booths, and pools. This package was 1,500 pisos ($29 USD) per person.
  • Island Hopping on Private Boat (Mactan – Cebu): Riding the waves in “Win Win” to three different islands on a private boat was lit! I spent roughly about an hour at each island! Unfortunately, I don’t remember all three islands, but I snorkeled in a marine with crystal clear water and swam with sardines and sea turtles! This private island hopping tour was 200 pisos ($4 USD) for two people.

Food in Cebu, Philippines

To be completely honest, I didn’t care too much for the food! But there were two places I just couldn’t get enough of – Thirsty? Juices and Shakes and Julie’s Bakeshop! I’m a sucker for real fruit juices and pastries! If you ever get to go, you must try these places!

Daily, I enjoyed an apple, mango and pineapple juice with a King Roll! I don’t remember how much it cost, but believe me when I say it was super affordable! When traveling to the Philippines, be sure to buy plenty of bottle water. According to many other travelers and natives, the water and ice are not safe to consume.

Until Next Time

Overall, this trip was simply, amazing and one to remember! I enjoyed it so much, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the world! Switching Locations is a new blog series, and I hope you stay around for more destinations! I have so much more in store for you! Be sure to check out my list of travel favorites.

In the comments, share with me your favorite international destination! I am building a travel list to expand my Switching Locations serious! If you enjoyed my Switching Locations: Cebu, Philippines – like, comment, share with a friend and SUBSCRIBE! I would love for you to join the FY Gang!

Forever, Yannell

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