It’s My Blogiversary!

It’s my Blogiversary! It’s my Blogiversary! Forever, Yannell is OFFICIALLY 1! 

I remember sitting at the dining room table thinking to myself: “when will you stop putting yourself last,” “when will you stop putting your personal goals off,” “when will you finish something you started,” and “when will you stop being afraid!” That personal chit-chat was much rawer and more uncut in my head, but you get the gist. I needed to get out of my own way as soon as possible!

Forever, Yannell was originally named All Things S.H.E., then changed to Call Her Yannell. Clearly, I wasn’t satisfied with either name and neither were for this platfrom. So, I played with my name and created a smash-up using my first name and middle name. The original blog idea was an open diary of my life, but I saw no longevity in pouring out my personal feelings on the internet. I wanted to create content about my life and experiences, while helping women with beauty, food, travel and life tips. 

To be honest, I cannot believe I am still writing and posting to my blog a year later because before starting this personal journey I was in a box! My first blog post F’ck Fear was a pivotal moment in my life, super personal, and a stepping stone. It opened up my mind and made me think differently. I wrote that post because I knew fear was holding me back, I wasn’t alone and someone needed to hear the message.

During that time, I really needed to have faith and take the leap. I started to speak life into myself and specifically praying for discipline, divine power and purpose. I told myself that everything I needed already lied inside, and I needed to do the work. I later realized that nothing had to be perfect. I had to remind myself of two things: who I was and of the God I served. 

I had no idea what I was doing last year, nor am I perfect at blogging today! I have definitely come a long way and have learned so much about the blogging world. A whole year later and forever I’ll be screaming F’ck Fear

Thank you to my family, close friends, and subscribers who have come along on this journey with me! Thank you for all the shares, comments, and likes! I love you! A special thank you to God for never leaving my side!

In the meantime, you know what to do… be fearless and keep the faith! Cheers to 1 year of being fear-free and another to be faith-filled.

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