F’ck Fear

As you all know, starting something new can be so exciting, but it can also scare the hell out of you (“F’ck Fear!)! Especially when thousands of people are already doing the exact same thing you are trying to do! Let’s be real, that can be intimidating as hell and damn near make you want to give up!

For me, everything I feared came around full circle! I didn’t land the perfect job after college, and that was eating me. I totally lost focus, lost faith, and really gave up on my dream all because I feared the unknown of starting a blog. Discouragement grew rapidly, day job became a drag, and I didn’t get my “YES!” I grew tired of feeling defeated, and I had to make a decision because sitting on my ass wasn’t cutting it.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t let something that’s non-existing control my life. That’s insane! It’s time to boss up, hold myself accountable and stick to the plan! Being uncomfortable is nothing you can prepare for, but the things you experience and encounter during the process will prepare you for where you’re headed. I’m excited, yet nervous, but I’m so ready for this! I know He didn’t bring me this far, just to bring me this far! So guess what, I’m making it happen!

So, welcome to my lifestyle blog – Forever, Yannell! I’ll be sharing all things sassy, heart-felt and exciting in my world of being twenty-fine! I don’t have the keys and I’m far from perfect, but this is my take on daily living. With the help of a good friend, my fear of failing turned into something positive!

Write this down for the times you feel stuck and your mindset will change instantly! One time for yourself, F’ck Fear!


I have so much to share with you! And I can’t wait to see where this goes. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m dedicated and ready! Thank goodness I’m no longer afraid to try! Until the death of me, I will scream F’ck Fear!

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Forever, Yannell

Photography by Charlie Parks, Jr. of VisionsByLegit.

F_cK Fear

17 thoughts on “F’ck Fear

  1. your blog is great cûž ! keep up the great wrk ! i’m so proud of you ? your doing what your great at cûž ! go yäññïe ??

  2. This is amazing! I am so happy for you and this new beginning. There will be times when you will be overwhelmed, but know that God placed this on your heart for a reason! Now shine your light for everyone to see 🙂 Always here for you…

    with love,
    Kupcake Ken 😉

  3. I am so proud of you baby girl. This is deep and I always told you you can do anything you set your mind to. I raised you to be a leader not a follower and I definitely didn’t instill you to be fearful of your dreams. Yes you might get doors slammed in your face and hear the word no but that should motivate you to keep going. I look forward to seeing more from you. ?

    Love mom ❤️

  4. Read your first blog & I have to say I am excited to see what you have in store for us! Continue to be amazing boo!

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