About Me

I’m Ayannie Sharnell!

Fearless. Fabulous. Free.

Twenty-seven, single, and living my best life in Atlanta! My life is no fairytale honey, but it fits me perfectly! I live for weekend getaways with my friend girls, DIY projects, and shopping for the latest fashion and beauty products. I’m perfecting my craft (content creation + writing) and sharing my personal experiences on “adulting,” while traveling, eating good and dressing better.

Forever, Yannell is my creative outlet and personal project. It’s my dream opportunity! Needless to say, it wasn’t given, so I decided to create it. I’m far from perfect, but who cares! I’m taking every chance and dropping every fear with this one! I hope Forever, Yannell encourages you to live life without fear and create the opportunity you always wanted.

She’s a Multi-Passionate Creative!

Her hustle is intentional.

In 2015, I earned a BFA in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. With faith, I decided to end my career in Human Resources to pursue passion and true career fulfillment in Public Relations. I wanted to be challenged in my professional relationships, writing compelling pitches and building campaigns that drive action and deliver results.

Since my transition, I have worked on numerous projects and activations involving music like ONE Musicfest, Black Music Honors, BMI’s R&B/Hip-Hop Awards and Destination: Atlanta with Adidas Original and Journey’s. Outside of music, I have worked with TV One, OWN, and FX for some of the most popular show’s premieres and screenings.

Yannell’s Favorite Things:

Color | Lavender

Season | Summer

Animal | Elephants + Dolphins

Food | Calamari, Steak + French Fries

Holiday | Valentine’s Day + Christmas

Places to Shop | H&M, Zara, Aldo + BooHoo

Movie | The Town, Love + Basketball, Law Abiding Citizen

Let’s Be Friends!